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Greeenstone Materials.
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Recycled Aggregates

Greenstone Materials Inc. (Greenstone) offers both natural and recycled aggregates from our two San Juan Capistrano locations. Our materials meet or exceed County (Greenbook), Caltrans and ASTM testing specifications. Test results for various material types are available upon request.

Recycled Materials Offered
Class II Construction Miscellaneous Base (CMB)
Manufactured 3/4” Rock
Manufactured 3/8” Rock
Manufactured SE 30+ Fill Sand

All recycled products are manufactured at our San Juan Capistrano crushing facility located at 35107 Oretga Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA. Contact us at 949-728-0500. Directions/Map

Product SE-30 Description
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Product 3/4" Description
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Product 3/8" Description
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