Greenstone Materials can mobilize to your site, recycle your material, and leave you with a reusable product. Having material to be crushed prepared and ready (concrete and asphalt 2′ x 2′ in size or less, rebar cut flush, and any deleterious materials removed will help ensure a passing product upon completion of the recycling process. This also helps lower reycling and prep costs.



We are here to help! We have been demolition contractors for over a dozen years and have over 1,000 buildings safely demolished with a clean record. We offer Tier III and IV 80,000 lb. class excavators with the following tools: 8,000 lb. hammers, hydraulic pulverizers, rotating shears, cracker jaws, grapples, thumbs and 4.25 c.y. production buckets. We can help you demolish buildings, size rubble, prepare to crush, shear I-beams or load trucks.

We are not competition and do not wish to contract demolition work. We want to aide you in streamlining your business and increasing your bottom line. Email or call us about discount demolition packages such as soft demo, hard demo, sizing rubble and contract crushing. Start to finish, we can help on any size project.

Do you have dirt, concrete, asphalt, rock or soft demo to dispose of? We offer Low-side & high-side end dumps and a variety of other trucks to meet your needs. We have accounts at major “LEEDS-approved” C&D disposal centers throughout southern California. Please contact us today for dump fee rates for all materials and hourly or per load truck rates.

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